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Lagoon Wetcleaning

We are pleased to offer Electrolux Lagoon Wetcleaning as an alternative service to our customers. This eco-friendly, hgihly effective washing solution has been hailed as a "technologiical breakthrough" in professional care of garments, and you can now benefit as well!

What is Lagoon Wet Cleaning?

Lagoon is a wet cleaning process designed to perform as smoothly as hand washing and as efficiently as professional cleaning. Lagoon safely cleans all types of fibres including the most delicate silks, cashmeres and pure new wools. Garments cleaned with lagoon smell fresher and feel softer.

The Lagoon wet cleaning process by Electrolux for ideal cleaners is:

  • Better for clothes and better for the planet
  • Uses no toxic or ozone damaging chemicals 
  • Clothes are cleaner, fresher and the colours stay brighter

The Woolmark Company recently stated:

"We consider Lagoon™ to be the most advanced system for cleaning 100% wool garments. Giving the Woolmark logo of approval to this innovative system is the result of a long working relationship, development and thorough testing. Lagoon™ achieves a superb standard of cleaning and the highest level of fibre care. We have been particularly impressed with the exceptional appearance of wool products after washing and the way in which Lagoon™ revitalises the handle and natural softness of wool".