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Lisa's Blog


Wow what a year!​  Thank you to all of our customers who have supported us.  Whether you are new this year or been with us for many.  I thank you all.  ​I am sure everyone has had the same challenges this year.  Rising prices in energy and just about everything.​Our electric increased by 400% and gas by 160%  We were lucky enough to have been given some government help at the beginning of the year due to electricity costs.  ​We understand everyone is the same.  So if you would like your laundry picked up less often to help save on costs please let us know.  The only price increase we have set in 2023 is the minimum  charge now being £30 rather than £20.00  We are proud we have been able to carry on and try and cut costs in other areas as much as we can.

​Good luck for 2024​

Hotel Room with Pillows
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