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Image by Waldemar Brandt

Dry Cleaning

               Alternative Dry Cleaning

The first and only professional fabric care wet cleaning system approved by Woolmark as the ideal alternative for the care of delicate garments.

As an alternative to dry cleaning, the Lagoon Advance Care system is the only wet cleaning system that has the accreditation from Woolmark and that can offer a dry-to-dry system within 55 minutes. The system is also a greener alternative solution to Dry Cleaning as there is no requirement for a licence, the chemicals are bio degradable and the machines can be used to process both dry clean garments as well as general garments.


• Environmentally Friendly, with no toxic chemicals used in the process, as water is used as the solvent

• Delicate on the delicates

• Outstanding results with the most delicate textiles and fine wool, labelled dry-clean only

• Faster process times for a quicker return on investment

• The best cleaning performance

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